Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

The College Vice Deanship (Male Section)

- 2019/10/22

His Excellency Dr. Anas bin Siraj Dabloul

Vice Dean of the College

Overview of the Vice Deanship of the College:

The vice deanship contributes to the supervision of several academic and administrative aspects at the college through following up the execution of the university bylaws and participating in the formulation of the development policies and plans to upgrade academic and administrative work through submitting periodical reports to the deanship of the college. The vice deanship also contains several committees and specialized units that carry out defined roles that achieve the pioneering and distinction aspirations of the college.

Duties of the Vice Deanship:

  • Undertaking the responsibilities and organizing the works relating to the Secretariat of the College Council.
  • Supervising the units of the Administrative Affairs Department.
  • Presiding over the committees of the vice deanship and submitting their reports to the relevant bodies.
  • Submitting periodical reports to the college dean concerning the workflow of the units affiliated to him according to the duties consigned to every unit and the difficulties they may face.
  • Coordinating with college units in related fields.
  • Supervising financial affairs.

College Administrative Employees:

Hasan Ali Al-Suba`i

Director of the Dean Office

Salah Muhammad Al-Fahmi

College Administrative Manager

Muhannad Mansur Al-Nufai`i

Secretary of the Dean

Ibrahim Al-Muhabi


Sultan Al-Shihri

Secretary of the Department Head