Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Publishing Rules

- 2020/03/19

Rules of Publishing in Umm Al-Qura University’s Journal for Social Sciences

First: The materials accepted for publishing:

  1. The journal publishes original scientific research that adheres to the scientific research methodology and steps, and adds to the specialized knowledge in the field of education and psychology. The research can be written in either Arabic or English and has not been published before. It must not copy other previous thesis or research. In case of accepting the research for publishing in the journal, the material must not be published in any other journal without a written permission from the editor-in-chief.
  2. The journal publishes research translations, readings, book reviews, scientific reports and follow-ups of conferences, forums, and academic activities related to its fields.
  3. Distinct innovations and experiences, with the purpose of presenting and documenting them.
  4. The magazine enriches its publications with profound professional articles that diagnose, draw a future line, conclude lessons from the past, and provide rich international ideas and applications. The journal welcomes this kind of articles and their authors.
  5. Research ideas and proposals (individual and group) on local and Arab levels.

Second: Publishing standards:

  1. The creator of the material submits the material on this (link), and fills in the publishing form.
  2. All the received research is subject to preliminary examination by the editorial board in order to determine their eligibility for arbitration. The editorial board is entitled to excusing itself from accepting the research without giving reasons.
  3. All the research is subject to scientific arbitration  outside the editorial board before publishing.
  4. In case the research was not accepted for publishing, it is not returned to the researcher.
  5. The author of the published research is granted a hardcopy of the journal. An offprint of his research is sent in PDF format by e-mail.
  6. The researcher submits a (publishing acceptance letter) upon returning the research in its final form after making the required amendments. Granting the letter does not take place while this step is ongoing anyway.

Third: Rules of submitting the research:

  1. The research is sent through the e-form of the journal, and the sender then receives a message to confirm that the journal has received the research.
  2. The researcher fills in a declaration that stipulates that the research has not been published before, and that it is not derived from a master's thesis, a doctoral dissertation, or a published book.
    It also stipulates that the research has not been and will not be submitted for publishing to any other parties until the conclusion of the arbitration process. The author pledges to make the required modifications, and send the final form of the research within two weeks from the date of the receipt of modifications on e-mail.
  3. The first page of the research should contain the title and name of both the research or the researcher, as well as the researcher’s employer, address, phone number, fax number, e-mail and the date the research was written. In order to ensure the confidentiality of the arbitration process, the name of the researcher/s should not be mentioned inside the research, and there should be no signs that reveal their identities. If the researcher wants to extend thanks to anyone who contributed to the research, this can be written in a separate page.
  4. An abstract of the research must be submitted in Arabic with a maximum of (150) words and another in English of a maximum of (150) words. Each abstract should be in a separate page, and must include the title of the research, without mentioning the researchers' names or data.
  5. The number of pages of the research should not exceed 40 pages, including references, tables, shapes, and appendices.
  6. Patterns and forms of writing should be as follows: (A4) paper, with a two-lines space (including margins, references, excerpts, tables, and appendices), with (2.5cm margins as a minimum) for the top, bottom and sides of the paper. The writing pattern:
  • For Arabic: Traditional Arabic, size 14 font.
  • For English: Times New Roman, size 10 font.

7. If the researcher used a data collection tool, he or she must submit a complete copy of that tool if it has not been mentioned in the original research, or its appendices.

8. References and sources are documented both inside the research and in the bibliography, in accordance with the American Psychological Association 6th Edition (APA), whether for English or Arabic, or mentioning quotations from websites, multiple sources of information, electronic books (E-Books), or for documenting books by their paperback edition, in addition to research, studies and references.  Please read the attached file titled (APA format).

9. Dear researcher: If you have any questions, please send them to the e-mail of the journal. We would be happy to communicate with you by email or telephone if you wish.