Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Mission and Objectives of the Institute

- 2018/05/28

Institute’s mission:

To be a global destination for learning Arabic and teaching it to non-native speakers using developed technologies.


The Institute seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • Utilizing technology in teaching Arabic and its literature to Muslim non-native speakers, and providing them with sufficient Islamic studies to serve Islam and help spreading it, as well as qualifying these individuals to join one of the University’s colleges.
  • Preparing specialized teachers who teach English to non-native speakers in Muslim countries and to the Muslim minorities in the world.
  • Conducting field research and experiments to develop the curricula and methods of learning and teaching Arabic for non-native speakers, and encouraging authoring in these fields.
  • Cooperating with Islamic institutions and authorities in the field of teaching Arabic and spreading Islamic Da’wah, as well as helping the Islamic minorities in the field.
  • Exchanging scientific experience in the field of teaching Arabic to non-native Arabic speakers between specialized scientific institutions.
  • Holding training courses for Arabic teachers in Muslim countries in their countries or in UQU.
  • Developing distinct educational programs (lingual and Islamic).


  • Contributing to spreading Islam.
  • Taking pride in learning and teaching Arabic.
  • Proficiency and quality in performance.
  • Effective communication with other cultures.
  • Continuous innovation and development.
  • Joint teamwork.