Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura Oasis for Consultations Award - Consultations Category

- 2019/03/27

Consultations Category

1.     Goals of the award:

1.1 Honoring creative persons in the field of consultations, and encouraging outstanding consulting practices.

1.2 Spreading awareness about distinction, idealism, and good examples among consultants.

1.3 Encouraging consultants to be innovative and highly skilled, and enhancing the creativity of the academic staff.

1.4 Honoring the best consultants at Umm Al-Qura Oasis for Consultations.

2.     Targeted category:

Academic staff members at Umm Al-Qura University

3.     Award prizes:

  • First place: 50 thousand riyals.
  • Second place: 30 thousand riyals.
  • Third place: 20 thousand riyals.

4.     Differentiation criteria and rules:





Number of offered consultations

20 %


Overall satisfaction ratio with the consultant

20 %


Consultants developing themselves through courses and programs

15 %


Ability to create initiatives and suggest solutions for consultation problems

15 %


Social responsibility and voluntary consultations

15 %


Offering services with creativity and professionalism

10 %


Being a good example and maintaining strong relations with customers and colleagues

5 %


100 %


5.     Time and duration of the award:

5.1 Launching the award.

The award will be launched in the Accomplishments Ceremony of 2018 A.C., which will be held on 25 March, 2019 A.C.

5.2 Applying for the award:

Application starts from the day the award will be launched, and continue till 30 December, 2019 A.C.

5.3 Assessment stage:

Assessment will start on 1 January, 2020 A.C.

5.4 Announcing winners:

Names of winners will be announced in the Accomplishments Ceremony of 2019 A.C., which will be held in January-March, 2020 A.C.

6.     Application mechanism:

You can apply as a "consultant" or an "expertise house" by filling out this form.