Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Virtual Academic Advising Office: Department of Regulations (Male Section)

- 2021/02/24

To accomplish your aspirations and remove any obstacles that face you in your academic progress...

Here is the Virtual Academic Advising Office. Through this office, you can communicate with your academic advisor everywhere and anytime with regard to matters related to your academic progress at the university. We will do our best to make use of all the available potentials in this regard.

We wish you success and progress!


Academic Staff Member

Virtual Office

Osamah Muhammad Abdullah Al-Qannas

Iyhab Fuad Abdul-Wahab Halwani

Jalaluddin Baniqah Ahmad Bashir

Hasan Ali Muslih Al-Matrafi

Hasan Atiyyah Abdullah Al-Zahrani

Rajab Faris Rajab Al-Zahrani

Zaki Shafiq Mustafa Liban

Zaid Sultan Abdullah Al-Sharif

Saud bin Hammud Jabir Al-Harthi

Salih Ali Muhammad Al-Saudi

Abdul-Hamid Al-Disiti Abdul-Hamid Shalabi

Abdullah Yasin Muhammad Bukhari

Abdul-Wahhab Abdul-Karim Muhammad Al-Mubarak

Ali Yusuf Khamis Al-Zahrani

Muhammad Abdul-Rahman Abdullah Al-Shuhari

Muhammad Rizqallah Muhammad Al-Sulami

Yassir Abdul-Rahman Abdul-Aziz Al-Sudais