Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Simulation Court 

- 2017/03/13

The simulation court resembles practical application of real court in which the students act as judge, defense lawyer and the persecutor in the presence of  students audience who attend the simulation court session to devote the concept of the public trial. 
Court Justifications: 


- To overcome weakness in the professional practice of the graduates of the college of Law.  

- To provide practical application for students and help them retain information and perfectly dealing with it in their professional life. 

Objectives pf the Curt: 

1-    To provide students with the necessary skills to practice law.
2-    To provide students with the necessary skills to practice profession of judiciary. 
3-    To provide students with the necessary skills to practice profession of prosecution.
4-    To improve personal skills of the students to defend their ideas before public and related institutions. 
5-    To develop skills required to practice profession of legal advisor who works for public and private institutions.

Technical Components: 
Court Room including; 

-Judge Office " Podium" 
-Defense Lower Office 
-Prosecutor's Office 
-Computer Devices 
-Sound Amplifier 
-Seat for Trainee Students

Training type in the Simulation Curt:

College of Judicial Studies and Regulations endeavors to provide students with the necessary practical skills  for their professional life by provide training  for students in this regard. Faculty members organize the program of students attendance to the courtroom to practice specific roles given to them by the supervising instructors for the study streams  requiring  such practical application including: criminal law, criminal procedures, civil law, Principles of civil & commercial proceedings and administrative judiciary.