Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

UQU President Opens Google Developers Meeting at Wadi Makkah

President of Umm Al-Qura university who serves also as the Chairman of Board of Directors of Wadi Makkah Technology Company Dr. Bakri bin M'atooq bin Bakri Assas launched on Saturday Rajab 25, 1438 H corresponding to April 22, 2017 the open meeting for google developers at the level of the Middle East and North Africa organized by Wadi Makkah and including a number of technical workshops for those interested in technology sciences. Present in the inauguration ceremony, which took place at Wadi Makkah Headquarters in Abdyia, were the Director of Developers Relations in the Middle East and North Africa at Google Mr. Saleem Obaid and the CEO of Wadi Makkah Dr. Faisal Al-Alaf. 

In the opening ceremony, Dr. Assas stressed that the university endeavors to recruit highly qualified cadres of developers working in the technical fields to take advantage of the latest technologies reached in the world, indicating that Google is one of the pioneering and outstanding companies in the technology sciences. He added that more than 300 technicians from UQU male and female students registered to attend the workshops, the thing which will enable them to learn about the latest technologies in the fields of applications and smart technologies.  

He added that Wadi Makkah is very keen to keep pace with the technology and knowledge era the world is currently witnessing at all fields. " Thanks to Allah, Umm Al-Qura University is currently moving rapidly to become one of the pioneering universities in the field of knowledge economy, thus contributing to the advancement and development of the community", he elaborated, praising those in charge of  the company for achieving the sought-after goals equivalent to the patronage and support the university receives from the rulers and the close follow up of the Minister of Education.  

Within the same vein, the CEO of Wadi Makkah Dr. Faisal Al-Alaf said the meeting gathers a number of prominent male and female technicians who are interested in technology from in and outside Makkah to introduce the latest technologies of Google and let the developers make use of these technologies in their applications. He added Wadi Makkah has opened its gates for this meeting which is being held for the first time during this year in the Kingdom in line with the support and directives of UQU President, the Chairman of Board of Directors of Wadi Makkah Dr. Bakri bin M'atooq bin Bakri Assas and the significant role undertaken by the company which attaches much concern to technology and endeavors to create the proper atmosphere for the Saudi innovators to meet with technology experts from various parts of the world. Such move, he said provides a clear picture of the efforts exerted by the university in supporting entrepreneurship in accordance with the objectives of the Kingdom Vision 2030 which stipulates" Providing citizens with necessary knowledge and skills to  align with the future requirements of the labor market".    

For his part, Google's Director of Developers Relations in the Middle East and North Africa Mr. Saleem Obaid said organizing Google's developers meeting at Wadi Makkah aims at supporting  Saudi youth developers and programmers to learn about modern technology in many fields including; artificial intelligence, android and multimedia. He added many male and female experts came from outside the Kingdom for the benefit of the youth, pointing out that  the meeting is organized at Wadi Makkah for its proper environment . He added they will cooperate with Wadi Makkah startups to support technologies related to Hajj and Umrah, introduce modern technology for them, settle developers problems and forge close relations with Wadi Makkah. 

Concluding his speech, he said that  the meeting is the first of its type at the level of the Kingdom, Middle East and North Africa.