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The UQU President Honors 13 Students for Winning Awards at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva 2021

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Added on - 2021/04/08  |  اخر تعديل - 2021/04/08

The UQU President, Prof. Moaddi bin Muhammad Aal Madh-hab, at his office today, Wednesday, honored the 13 male and female students who won 12 gold, silver and bronze medals at the Geneva Innovation Fair 2021, which was held remotely by the World Intellectual Property Organization on 10–14 of March.

The UQU President, Prof. Moaddi bin Muhammad Aal Madh-hab, congratulated the students for this outstanding national achievement, stressed the importance of supporting and giving the needed attention to the talents of the youth, and praised the support of the wise leadership for the educational process. Moreover, he commended the support of the Minister of Education, Dr. Hamad bin Muhammad Aal Al-Sheikh, toward the university’s activities and extracurricular programs, which promote a culture of innovation and, in turn, contribute to refining the students’ talents as well as the educational programs they receive.

The UQU Vice President for Educational Affairs, Dr. Amer Al-Zaidi, said that the Vice Presidency, in partnership with the relevant bodies and colleges, will embark on developing the students’ projects and boosting such a culture among the different spectra of the students. He pointed out that the infrastructure of the university’s innovative projects is complete and will keep relying on the initial idea until the final product is produced with the help of the business accelerators and the Wadi Makkah Technology Company.

Moreover, Dr. Wardah Al-Asmari indicated that the diversity of the university specializations in the medical, engineering, humanities and Shari`ah-based sciences allows them to participate in such international platforms. She added that the applied programs, which receive the support and attention of the UQU President, will be boosted for their role in promoting an innovating and competitive culture and in preparing students for regional and international competitions.

On his part, the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Omar Sunbul, noted that the students who were nominated to participate with their innovative work in the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva 2021 competed with other UQU students in the two stages of the “Ibtakir” competition. In addition, he explained that out of the 80 male and female students who participated in the “Ibtakir” competition, only 13 students were chosen. All of these chosen students, who were among the 27 innovators from the Saudi Kingdom, won medals at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva 2021.

Names of the Students and their Awards and Projects:

  • Gold Medal: Amjad Al-Buqami. Project: “Smart Guide Stick for the Blind”.
  • Gold Medal: Ziyad Ahmad Abdul-Mateen. Project: “Wonderful Gloves”.
  • Silver Medal: Dalia Abu Rayya. Project: “Self Medical Services”.
  • Silver Medal: Jehad Filimban and Khalil Mayjan. Project: “Mobile Anti-Sunstroke Unit”.
  • Silver Medal: Ali Al-Barakati. Project: “Smart Heater”.
  • Silver Medal: Samar Al-Juhani. Project: “Electrical Connections Anti-Fire System”.
  • Silver Medal: Raghad Baghdadi. Project: “Electronic Medical Syringe”.
  • Bronze Medal: Abdul-Wahhab Samkari. Project: “Adaptive Turbine”
  • Bronze Medal: Ahmjad Fallatah, in collaboration with the Yesser Team. Project: “Communication System for People with Special Needs”.
  • Bronze Medal: Uhoud Bukhari. Project: “The Smart Seating Position Adjustment System”.
  • Bronze Medal: Ibrahim Al-Zahrani. Project: “Crane Anti-Collapse System”.
  • Bronze Medal: Mawaddah Mujahid. Project: “The Smart Chair”.