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Umm Al-Qura University

College of Dentistry Wins First Award in Makkah Int'l Conference

A research submitted by the College of Dentistry has won the first award at the 14th Makkah International Dental Conference in which about 100 researchers participated. It was organized by the college in cooperation with the Saudi Dental Society (SDS) and Security Forces Hospital (SFHMP) on March 28-30 at Grand Hall.

The research group included Dr. Motaz Bangar and Dr. Abdulaziz Khafagy alongside student Essam Bangar. It was supervised by Assistant Professor of Microbiology Yahiya Maker, Department of Basic & Clinical Oral Sciences.

The paper was titled "Antimicrobial Activity of Hydrogen Peroxide, Sesame and Gum Arabic Against Streptococcus mutans". In their study, the researchers managed to isolate a numbers of certain bacteria that cause dental caries. According to statistics, this type of decay were found in 90 percent of the cases which reflects the heavy burden laid on the shoulders of the kingdom's hospitals, health centers and citizens who receive medication at private hospitals.

Drops of hydrogen peroxide H2O2 were separately added into the bacterial culture plus sesame oil and acacia senegal.

The researchers found that the H2O2 had a very positive effect on preventing streptococcus mutans bacteria.  Also, a medium-level effect was reported by the sesame oil and acacia senegal which may be added to the toothpaste or toothwash and mouthwash to prevent decay and cut treatment expenditure.

The research is a step on way for more studies which will specify the active principles in H2O2, sesame oil and acacia senegal.

Dean of the College of Dentistry Dr. Abdulaziz Khotani congratulated Essam Bangar and extended thanks to Dr. Maher and co-researchers wishing them luck.

The dean noted academic and research support given by President of Umm Al Qura University (UQU) Dr. Bakri Bin M'atoog Bin Bakri Assas to the college and staff.