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The President of Umm Al-Qura University Sponsors Next Sunday’s Launch of the Arabic Language and Creativity Forum

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Added on - 2021/02/25  |  اخر تعديل - 2021/02/25

Under the patronage of the UQU President, Prof. Moaddi bin Muhammad Aal Madh-hab, the activities of "The Arabic Language and Creativity Forum" will start next Sunday. The forum is organized by the College of Arabic Language and Literature via a WebEx video conference during the period 16–27 Rajab, 1442 A.H., with the aim of serving the Arabic language and its sciences, refining students' talents, and developing the spirit of linguistic creativity in the same field.

The Dean of the College, Dr. Yusuf Al-Sulami, stated that the forum comes within the strategies and objectives of the college to serve the Arabic language, promote the developments related to Arabic functions and objectives, and define recent technical, scientific and research progress, in accordance with the determinants and developments of the current time. He appreciated the UQU President's sponsorship of the forum and his interest in its scientific activities and events that will contribute to discovering and developing student talents and serve Arabic language and its various disciplines.

On his turn, the moderator of the forum, Dr. Saeed Al Yazid, stated that the forum focuses on enhancing language communication skills, presenting methods of developing them through 21 different activities represented in specialized seminars and lectures. Moreover, there is a focus on scholarly courses in empowerment skills and linguistic enrichment, with the participation of a group of academics and specialists in the fields of Arabic language sciences. The forum also has a virtual gallery and a display of the latest knowledge applications in the industry.

The program for the forum includes introducing electronic applications concerned with linguistic creativity and digital literature, critical thinking and the rhetoric of arguments, and diction. This is in addition to understanding the barriers to language communication, methods of creating programmatic ideas and technical skills, and methods of persuasion and influence. The fonts of the Holy Quran and the arts of Arabic calligraphy will also be reviewed in the program.

It is noteworthy that the forum launched a student competition for linguistic creativity in story writing, essay writing, Arabic calligraphy, novel writing, and eloquent poetry. The winners will be announced and prizes given at the opening of its activities. Moreover, daily prizes will be presented to attendees, amounting to approximately eight thousand Riyals, in addition to valuable prizes on the final day of the forum.

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