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An Advisory Council to Promote Communication Between the UQU Administration and Its Female Students

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Added on - 2020/12/30  |  اخر تعديل - 2020/12/30

On Tuesday, 7 Jumada Al-Awwal, 1442 A.H., the UQU Vice Presidency for Female Student Affairs, represented by the Student Advisory Council, held its first virtual meeting, which was headed by the UQU Vice President for Female Student Affairs, Dr. Sarah Al-Khouli. The meeting aimed at promoting the students' participation in addressing the different aspects of the educational system, and creating an outstanding environment that strengthens the students' relationship with the university and acquaints them with their rights and duties, according to the UQU regulations. Moreover, the meeting aimed at providing a safe communication channel for the students to express their views.

Dr. Sarah Al-Khouli stressed the effective and positive role of the council in creating a generation capable of developing strategic plans to upgrade the educational system, leadership, and the continuous construction of the university community. This can be implemented by giving the female students an opportunity to make suggestions on how to solve the problems they face, and to participate in decision-making in relation to the services offered to them, thereby applying the principle of consultation enjoined by the monotheistic religion of Islam. In addition, Dr. Sarah stressed the importance of developing the students' leadership skills and building balanced personalities.

The Assistant Vice President for Educational Affairs and Development, Dr. Najwa Samrqandi, clarified that the Student Advisory Council gives attention to serving the students first and solidifying their sense of belonging to the university system, in collaboration between the UQU Administration and its students. Dr. Najwa referred to the roles assigned to each member of this council, according to its organizational structure and the objectives it seeks to achieve.

The representatives of different colleges expressed their appreciation for this gesture, and praised its contribution to activating the role of the UQU female students and strengthening their communication with the administration in order to put forward their suggestions for development. The administration then discusses these suggestions with the aim of improving the outcomes, urging the students to acquire knowledge on an ongoing basis and promoting their sense of belonging to the educational system.