Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Final Exams for Affiliate Program in the Community College Begins

The final exams of the second semester of academic year 1436/1437 H began for more than 12,000 students for the affiliate program supervised by the Community Service and Continuous Education College, at the college campus in Azezia and Abedia, as well as Al-Jamoum, Al-Leith and Qunfudhah and the Jamoum faculty, as per the complete preparations arranged by the University.

The Dean of the Community Service and Continuous Education College, Dr. Hamed Al-Rabei followed up the exams progress and procedures to ensure the organization and coordination of the work of the committees organizing the exams. He praised the efforts exerted by the Vice-Dean for Affiliate Affairs Dr. Mohammed Zamzami and the supervisors and those responsible for preparing and coordinating these exams.

Dr. Mohammed Zamzami advised that the exam mechanism has been prepared, so as to occur over several times every day to accommodate the large numbers of students. He confirmed that the faculty is keen to continuously develop the affiliation program on different levels as regards management, follow up and assessment. He pointed out that the exam time will continue – Allah willing – till the seventh of the month of Shaaban.