Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

UQU Summer Center Attracts ‘Future Profession Makers’ Remotely

Umm Al-Qura University launched the summer center virtual events that will be organized by the Deanship of E-Learning and Distance Education in partnership with the Institute of Consulting Research and Studies from 13 Dhul-Qi`dah until 2 Dul-Hijjah 1441 A.H.

The Dean of E-Learning and Distance Education, Dr. Khalid Al-Mutairi, said the events aim to improve the professional, administrative and cognitive skills among the participants in the program, which will last for 18 days and consist of 60 training hours divided into three different streams. After completing the sessions, the trainee in any of the three streams of the program will receive an accredited certificate from the organizer. He added that the program targets male and female teachers, academic staff members, administrative leaders and employees, and graduates from the secondary school and university phases.

Dr. Al-Mutairi explained that the program offered to the male and female teachers includes the following topics: management of team tasks, basics of instructional design, and brainstorming via the initiative: 'A Teacher Is a Maker of Generations'. During the sessions, a group of specialists participating in the program will review education apps according to bloom's taxonomy, professional presentations, and infographics for non-specialists, in addition to "gamification" learning techniques and their use in the classrooms.

Within the same vein, the administrative skills stream is concerned with professional development tools for the administrative employees and heads of the departments. These sessions enable them to perform their tasks with high efficiency by providing them with the basics of Photoshop, infographics, mockup, and management of digital applications in the administrative work environment. This is in addition to producing content for social media networks, brainstorming, and methods of managing the tasks of a work team successfully.

The university has set a specialized qualification stream for the 'Generation of the Vision', the graduates of secondary schools and universities. These sessions will introduce them to the basics of writing CVs, the necessary skills to pass personal interviews, and various courses appropriate for the needs of the professional sectors. The aim is to hone their skills and enrich their cognitive outcomes before joining the labor market.

His Excellency the Dean of E-Learning and Distance Education indicated that registration will remain open until 14 Dhul-Qi`dah, 1441 A.H., for those wishing to join the program of the administrative skills stream, and until 21 Dhul-Qi`dah, 1441 A.H., for the 'Generation of the Vision' stream.