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Deanship of Postgraduate Studies Announces the Start of Admission for Its Programs of the Next Academic Year

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Added on - 2020/06/01  |  اخر تعديل - 2020/06/01

The Deanship of Postgraduate Studies announces the start of admission for its unpaid postgraduate programs of the next academic year, starting from 10 Shawwal, 1441 A.H., and continuing to 19 Shawwal, 1441 A.H. Note that all the admission procedures will be electronic, conducted "remotely", and do not require the presence of the applicants in the university headquarters. The announcement of the final admission results will be on 11 Dhul-Qa`dah, 1441 A.H. The admission to the postgraduate programs will be based on the assessment of the student's previous academic qualifications and the General Aptitude Test for university students, without the need to undertake a written exam.

The UQU's unpaid postgraduate programs include 63 programs: 5 higher diploma programs, 37 Master's programs, and 21 PhD programs. There are 1191 places available in the postgraduate programs for the male and female students in the Shari`ah-related, judiciary, scientific, and engineering majors, in addition to the students of the Colleges of Computer Science and Education.

The Dean of Postgraduate Studies, Dr. Sulaiman Al-Saeed, stated that the unpaid postgraduate programs are in line with the preventive precautionary measures taken by the state at all levels (may Allah strengthen it) to reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19, as the deanship canceled the written exams for applicants for the Ph.D. programs this year. He added that the timetable for the admission procedures includes several phases, after the start of the admission on the unified admission portal. These phases start with verifying the candidates' documents and posting the results, the students' reviewing the results, announcing the admission results for the candidates, and finally confirming the accepted candidates upon completing the admission procedures.

He added that the selection mechanism adopted for the Ph.D. program is as follows: 50 % for the Master’s GPA, 40 % for the General Aptitude Test for university graduates, and 10 % for the university GPA. As for the selection mechanism for the Master’s program, it is as follows: 60 % for the university GPA, and 40 % for the General Aptitude Test for university graduates. Moreover, the selection mechanism for the higher diploma program is as follows: 50 % for the university GPA, and 50% for the General Aptitude Test for university graduates.