Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

An International Delegation Checks the Computer Program Facilities in Umm Al-Qura to Renew the Program Accreditation

His Excellency the President of Umm Al-Qura University, Prof. Abdullah Bafail, today, Sunday, received the US delegation of the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET), to renew the accreditation of the Computer Science Program at the College of Computer and Information Systems. The delegation, whose field visits continued to the facilities of the university that support scientific research and innovation, was headed by Prof. Kim Tracy, and accompanied by the program's evaluator, Prof. Hosni Al-Sharif.

During the meeting, which was attended by the Assistant Vice President for Development and Community Service, Dr. Khaled Barqawi, the Dean of the College of Computer and Information Systems, Dr. Majid Al-Qathami, the Dean of Academic Development and Quality, Dr. Muhammad Thabit, the University Vice Dean for Development and the Quality of Training, Dr. Saeed Kabra, His Excellency the President of the University highlighted the quality of the outputs of the College of Computer Sciences, being in line with the technical revolution taking place in the world.

His Excellency added that the quality academic outputs, model smart laboratories, and ancillary infrastructure for scientific research and innovation enabled the students of the College of Computer Sciences to win many competitions. He noted that the aim of providing all these capabilities is not restricted to obtaining academic accreditation; rather, it is promoted by the keenness to adhere to the principle of implementing quality standards on all of the university’s educational and research outputs.

Dr. Muhammad Thabit stated that the purpose of the visit is to renew the accreditation of the Computer Science Program offered at the university main campus. The program has already obtained international accreditation from ABET for a period of six years, starting 1435 A.H. / 2014 A.C. He pointed out that the visiting team, in the course of three days, will review the documents of international accreditation standards, make field trips, and interview faculty, staff, students, and representatives of the beneficiaries of the program, to determine its readiness to renew accreditation.

On his part, Dr. Majid Al-Qathami stated that the College of Computer Sciences seeks to provide high-quality university education, localize entrepreneurial research, and contribute to the service of the university and society, with a special focus on quality and excellent performance. He pointed out that having the college's work and efforts checked by international evaluators proves that the quality of the college's outputs and programs are in line with leading universities.