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Microsoft Supports a  Makkah Valley for Technology Start-up with BizSpark+.

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Added on - 2017/01/01  |  اخر تعديل - 2017/01/01

Dr. Bakri bin Maatouq Asas, the Umm Al-Qura University (UQU) president and the chairman of the Makkah Valley for Technology board of directors, attended the ceremony of the Microsoft support letter delivery to the digital data analysis “Lusidia”, a start-up at the Makah Valley for Technology.  The ceremony took place on Sunday, January 1rt, 2016, with attendance of Dr. Mamduh Nagar; Microsoft vice chairman, Dr. Nabil ibn Abdulqadir Kushuk; the UQU vice dean for Knowledge work and Creativity and the Makkah Valley for Technology vice chairman, Dr. Usama ibn Rashid Ala’amri; the Makkah Valley for Technology executive officer, engineer Abdullah A’asiri; “Lusidia” executive officer, Dr. Mazen ibn Abdullah Milibiri; the technology executive officer and a host of officials.

Still, the Microsoft supported “Lusidia” for Digital Data Analysis, a Makkah Valley for Technology start-up, with as close as half a million Saudi riyals through providing the cloud computing services via BizSpark+. Such an initiative comes as part of the initiatives through which Microsoft presents its services and products to the entrepreneurs possessing remarkable Saudi start-ups according to a number of terms and standards. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Bakri, the UQU president, underlined that the products of the Makkah Valley start-ups possess the quality and capacity that enable them to win over the supporters, investors and clients. He further spoke highly about the support of Microsoft, embodied by BizSpark+, and its national efforts towards supporting national start-ups at the Makkah Valley for Technology. He went on to extend his thanks to Microsoft officials for their leading national initiative and its interest in the Saudi start-ups  

For his part, Dr. Mamduh Nagar, the Microsoft vice chairman, said “we take pride upon our national entrepreneurs who actively engaged in taking part in the wheel of the national economy.” He also offered thanks to the UQU, represented by Dr. Bakri, its president, and the Makkah Valley for Technology, for the efforts they exert as incubators for the Saudi start-ups and entrepreneurs. “The solutions we present to them will greatly enable them to develop their work and achieve more success; in order to reach the intended goal. We can not overlook that today’s world depends on cloud technologies which serve as the optimal infrastructure for the business sector in the Kingdom. This is through the privileges and characteristics provided by Azure,” he added.    

By the same token, engineer Abdulallah A’asiri, Lusidia executive officer, and Dr. Mazen ibn Abdullah Milibiri, Lucidia technology executive officer, expressed their happiness with receiving such support which will help the company fulfill its goals in a swift, effective way. They went on to point out that the “Azure” technologies presented by Microsoft is to facilitate the company developing its infrastructure in a strong, smooth way, and it is to help it expand  normally without affecting the performance of “Lucidia” platform. This in turn benefits its clients. They similarly extended thanks to the Makkah Valley for Technology work team for what they presented to “Lucidia” since it was a mere idea until it became a fact, and to the  BizSpark+ team for finalizing such support. They emphasized that such support will help their start-up “Lucidia” to launch a package of   analysis and social network data process services by drawing on the technologies of artificial intelligence, which require super computer processing capacities