Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

First Scientific Research Forum Discusses 14 Research Papers

The First Scientific Research Forum was launched on Monday, Rabi'I 1438H with the title (Introduction- Communication- Cooperation). The event was organized by UQU Deanship of Scientific Research to be held on 20th -21st Rabi'I 1438H at King Abdulaziz Historical Hall, Abediyah Campus. The inauguration included three scientific sessions.   

The first session was headed by Dr. Thamer bin Hamdan al-Harbi, Vice-President for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research, with the title "Successful Experiences in Scientific Research."

During the session, Dr. Faisal bin Ahmad Allaf presented the national program for identification of genetic disorders that caused high blood cholesterol within the Saudi community, and for development of molecular diagnostic tests.

The second scientific paper was titled, "CoralSense: Enabling IoT in Underwater Environment" and presented by Dr. Emad Flimban. On the other hand, Dr. Kolood Abo An-Naja demonstrated a presentation on analytic and numerical studies about analytical and numerical investigations of complex complete synchronization of hyperchaotic complex nonlinear systems with fully uncertain parameters and its applications in secure communications.

Dr. Ahmad bin Muhammad Ashi, Dean of the College of Applied Medical Sciences, talked about the College's harvest of research finances between 1433H and 1437H within the framework of KSA Vision 2030.

The second session was titled, "Scientific Research Quality Standards" and headed by Dr. Hani bin Othman Ghazi, Vice-President for Academic Development and Community Service. The session discussed a number of worksheets.

Dr. Ayman Jawharji presented a worksheet titled, "University Professors between the Hammer of Promotion Researches and the Anvil of Research Quality." The second worksheet was titled, "Publishing Quality of Arabic Researches According to the Standards of NCAAA; A Reading in Reality," and presented by Dr. Hnadi bint Muhammad Buhairi. In the third worksheet, Dr. Diana bint Fahmi Hammad discussed the scientific research quality standards according to the National Transformation Program 2030.

The fourth worksheet was presented by Dr. Khalid Maatooq and Dr. Abdulhadi Al-Aydaros with the title, "UQU Scientific Magazines in Light of International Standards for Scientific Periodicals .. Analytic Study."  Then, Dr. Ismael bin Ghazi presented a worksheet about "Accuracy in Scientific Research; Research in the Model of Legal Specializations." The session was finalized with a worksheet by Dr. Muhammad bin Abdus-Sabour Salim about "Facing Fake Publishing of Scientific Researches."  

The third session was launched with the title, "Scientific Research Centers' Role in Decision Making," and headed by Dr. Sohail bin Salim Ba-Jamal. During the session, Dr. Abdurrahman Al-Ahdal demonstrated a research about "Research Centers: Types, Role, and Future Forecasting."

On the other hand, Dr. Rajaa bin Muhammad Al-Raddadi presented a worksheet about "Scientific Research Centers' Role in Decision Making." The session was finalized with a research presented by Dr. Khalil Abdulmaqsood Ibrahim about "Challenges in front of Scientific Research Centers in KSA and Mechanism of Facing thereof."  

Afterwards, the workshop that accompanied the forum was held with the title, "Research Proposal Preparation, Success Factors, as well as Pros and Cons of Externally Funded researches (for Fresh Female Researchers)," and presented by Dr. Hala bint Saeed Al-Amoudi, Dean of the University Studies for Girls.