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Working Jointly to Build Together: A Student Meeting Towards Achieving the Standards of Integration among the UQU Affiliates

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Added on - 2019/10/30  |  اخر تعديل - 2019/10/30

The UQU Vice President for Female Students Affairs, Dr. Sarah bint Omar Al-Khuli, discussed with the bachelor's degree and postgraduate students the most significant resources and services they may need during their university career. In addition, the meeting stimulated students' participation in putting forth development proposals and queries that can be invested in achieving quality and integration standards among the affiliates of the university. This took place during the open meeting held under the title, "Working Jointly to Build Together", which was organized today by the Deanship of Student Affairs for Student Activities and Training at Al-Jawhara Hall in Al-Zahir, using the communication network available at the female campus in Makkah and other provinces. The open meeting with students was attended by a number of vice deans of different colleges and deanships, and university staff members.

The Vice Dean for Student Activities and Training, Dr. Nahlaa Hariri, stressed the deanship's keenness to involve all the campuses and branches of the university and reach out to the largest possible group of female students, with the aim of benefiting from their proposals and participation in the process of developing the services offered by the university. Moreover, such a step helps to overcome difficulties by better knowing any educational needs, which directly reflects positively on the achievement level of the students. This was organized in coordination with the concerned bodies for them to attend the meeting and simultaneously respond to enquiries raised by the audience.

Dr. Nahlaa Hariri added that they worked on collecting proposals by distributing enquiries and feedback cards with each student's data and university number, in order to respond to them later via text messages and e-mails. She also highlighted the role carried out by the Customer Service Center and the services it provides in the various technical fields, including the receipt of complaints, enquiries, and reports, to process them in accordance with established regulations and laws.

Amna Khabrani, a student of the Department of Mathematics, attributed the importance of the meeting to the keenness shown by the university administration in strengthening communication with the students. This is in order to provide them with means of comfort and improve the university environment by addressing the aspects affecting the educational process, including support services.

Zainab Al-Sadiq, a student of the Department of Da`wah and Islamic Culture, expressed her thanks for allowing this opportunity for students to make enquiries and exchange views with academic leaders on study plan requirements, outside the framework of scientific lectures. She also emphasized the importance of continuing such meetings, taking into consideration the application of partnership principles in building the future of the university and elevating it to the highest levels.