Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

'Knowledge Community' and 'Jeel Muazzim' Are the Harvest of Umm Al-Qura University in Seven Years

The Vice Deanship of Student Affairs for Direction, Guidance, and Community Partnership, contributed with the Female Section at Glorification of the Sacred Land Project in launching a specialized e-platform to spread and teach Makkan information according to scientific guidelines. This platform works as a reference for researchers and those who are interested. This activity is part of the efforts and initiatives of the university's 7-year effort to establish the roots of Makkan history and culture through its activities under the slogan "Knowledge Community".

The Vice Dean of Student Affairs for Direction, Guidance, and Community Partnership, Dr. Amal bint Omar Khairo, pointed out the efforts made by the university to raise the standard of awareness on the status and sacredness of Makkah Al-Mukarramah through the annual educative and introductory programs. These efforts aim to build a knowledge memory for its female students and affiliates, which will be based on scientific bases under the supervision of specialized academics in this field. She also praised the initiative of the college in showing the results of its achievements through program exhibitions and continuous workshops during the coming two weeks.

The Director of the Female Section at the Holy Land Glorification Project (Hagar), Ms. Manal Al-Jabri, stressed the importance of the relationship between the activity slogan and the accompanying exhibition, and the level of knowledge achievement of students and affiliates through the series of programs held throughout the year. This makes the university community well aware of all cognitive aspects relating to Makkah and well prepared to produce projects and materials of which visitors and those concerned with the culture of Makkah can make use.

Al-Jabri pointed out that the e-platform entitled "Jeel Muazzim" (Glorifying Generation) was initially aimed at teaching the history and the religious rulings of the Sacred City to female students and affiliates of the university through scientific courses with attendance-based exams offered by the academic staff members at the university.

For more information and registration on the e-platform of "Jeel Muazzim", please scan the barcode on the photo or click here.