Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

College of Arabic Language Develops Practical Solutions for the National Accreditation of the Grammar and Morphology Program

The UQU Vice President for Development and Entrepreneurship, Dr. Hani Ghazi, met with the Dean of the College of Arabic Language, Dr. Yusuf Al-Sulami, the vice deans, and the heads of the departments, along with the Dean of Academic Development, Dr. Muhammad Thabit, the vice deans, and the advisors. This was in order to develop practical solutions for the Department of Arabic Linguistics, Grammar and Morphology for it to obtain national program accreditation. The meeting took place in the college meeting hall at Al-Abdiyyah campus.

Dr. Hani Ghazi pointed out that the objective of this meeting was to prepare the college to obtain national program accreditation for all its programs in the future, especially the Arabic Linguistics, Grammar and Morphology program from the Education and Training Evaluation Commission during this year. He stated that the program accreditation from the commission is an extension of the action plan of academic development and quality for all university programs to obtain national academic program accreditation.

Dr. Muhammad Thabit explained that the Deanship of Academic Development seeks to consolidate the methodology of all-round quality, and the processes of ensuring, developing and improving them in the academic, administrative and research systems. This is carried out to ensure the improvement of its educational and research outputs. Moreover, he noted that this work would be carried out in cooperation with all the colleges, represented by their academic departments, to adapt its programs in accordance with the latest international standards in the educational process.

Furthermore, Dr. Yusuf Al-Sulami pointed out that the college follows a strategic plan towards enhancing the quality of performance, and upgrading its practical and educational elements of the students, graduates and educational programs, which qualifies them for local and international competition. He also stated that the Arabic Linguistics, Grammar and Morphology program at the College of Arabic Language has taken many steps towards obtaining program accreditation, achieving institutional work based on planning and clear objectives.