Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

The Institute of Consulting Research and Studies Announces Launching of the Administrative Leadership License Course

- 2019/07/22

The course entitled "Administrative Leadership License", held by the Institute of Consulting Research and Studies, started on Sunday, 18 Dhul-Qi`dah, 1440 A.H. The course is scheduled to last for five days at UmmAl-QuraUniversity.

This course is the first of a series of specialized courses that aim at qualifying the university staff and employees. The project is part of the training program contracted for the organization of specialized training courses in the fields of project management, maintenance, and safety and security, in addition to the financial field related to tenders, contracts, and liaison. The courses will be provided to the staff members at the headquarters and branches of the departments, according to the stated fields and disciplines.


The implementation of this contract by the Department of Administrative Development comes in line with the pursuit of continuous improvement in the field of specialized methodological training, and benefiting from the expertise and competencies available in the university, as well as the different sectors, to activate development and achieve the highest rates of performance and excellence.

It is worth mentioning that, Allah willing, the department will undertake the organization of a series of specialized training courses. These courses will be announced later after being scheduled with the Institute of Consulting Research and Studies, and after receiving the nominations from the different sectors within the university.