Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

The Committee of the Deans of Student Affairs at the Saudi Universities Ends Its Scientific Trip to Singapore

The student scientific trip to Singapore, which was organized by the Committee of the Deans of Student Affairs at the Saudi universities, ended yesterday. Twelve Saudi universities participated in this scientific trip, which lasted for ten days.

Umm Al-Qura University, represented by the Deanship of Student Affairs, participated in this trip with a delegation consisting of Dr. Hasan Al-Husni, head of the delegation; Mr. Saud Al-Harbi; the student Firas Malibari, head of the Health Club; the student Muhannad Al-Utaibi, head of the Nursing Club; the student Saif Al-Humaidi, head of the Dentistry Club; and the student Muhammad Al-Zubaidi, head of Al-Qunfudhah Club.

The trip included the following official visits:

  1. Visit to the cultural attaché.
  2. Visit to Nanyang Technological University.
  3. Visit to the Saudi Embassy in Singapore.
  4. Visit to the National University of Singapore.

The trip included a training course entitled 'Preparation of Leaders', and visits to the Engineering Museum, the Waste Burning Plant, the Sustainability Exhibition, the Preparedness Center and the Chinese District. In addition, the trip included several recreational tours and safari trips.