Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

The German Accreditation Organization (ASIIN) Accredits the Bachelor of Science of the Programs of the Departments of Chemistry and Biology

The Dean of the College of Applied Sciences, Dr. Hatim Al-Tass, affirmed that the programs of the Bachelor of Science of Chemistry, Biology and Microorganisms in the Departments of Chemistry and Biology have obtained program accreditation for the first time from the German accreditation organization: ASIIN (Accreditation Agency Specialized in Accrediting Degree Programs in Engineering, Informatics, the Natural Sciences and Mathematics), for five years. This is after the fulfillment of all the recommendations according to the regulations of the academic accreditation in the Saudi Kingdom, in coordination with the Vice Presidency for Development and Entrepreneurship and the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Assessment (NCAAA) in the Saudi Public Education Evaluation Commission.

Dr. Hatim Al-Tass illustrated that the programs that obtained the accreditation are distinguished by modernism and dynamism compatible with the national plans, both in developing the study plans and in improving the used education methods. This came after conducting workshops including intensive studies of similar programs on the local, regional and international levels to qualify the students of the college to compete in delivering the academic experiences in the labor market, in a manner reflecting the scientific status of Umm Al-Qura University.

He pointed out that the college is currently working to fulfill the recommendations of ASIIN for the programs of the Departments of Physics and Mathematical Sciences, which obtained conditional accreditation for achieving sustainability and quality in the application of the newest programs and study plans, according to the modern learning methods. He expressed his thanks to His Excellency the UQU's president, Prof. Abdullah Bafail, for supporting the programs of the college and all the university sectors. In addition, he conveyed his appreciation for the efforts exerted by the Vice President for Development and Entrepreneurship, Dr. Hani Ghazi, the team of the Deanship of Academic Development and Quality, the vice deans of the College of Applied Sciences, and the heads of the Departments of Chemistry and Biology.

It is worth mentioning that the team of the German accreditation organization "ASIIN" organized their first visit to the College of Applied Sciences late 2017 to examine the suggested programs in the Departments of Chemistry and Biology and review the documents and guides eligible for accreditation. In addition, field visits were paid to the study halls and the laboratories in both sections of the college in Al-Abdiyyah and Al-Zahir to ensure its scientific preparedness and the application of the quality and safety standards. Moreover, several meetings were held with the academic staff, students, graduates and employers to study their suggestions regarding the development of the college's programs and services.