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UQU Vice President Discusses with the Nahdi Co. Training Students

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Added on - 2016/11/13  |  اخر تعديل - 2016/11/13

Dr. Thamer bin Hemdan Al-Harbi, the UQU Vice President, discussed with Manief Mabrouk Alnahdi, the Nahdi Co. for Medical Services regional director, and his accompanying delegation the company’s desire to sign an agreement with the UQU for training its students, and assisting them in providing the necessary information for their research and scientific projects. This emanates from the company’s role in serving society. The meeting took place at the UQU President office in Al-Abidiah, on November 13th, 2016.   Present was Dr. Abdul-Rahman ibn Ghalib Alahdal, the Scientific Research dean.

Dr. Thamer, the acting president, welcomed the company’s regional director and his accompanying delegation, lauding the company’s role and its national initiative in terms of tapping into qualifying and training UQU students. Likewise, he added that the UQU welcomes such promising initiatives which benefit the country’s citizens, and boosts the societal role the UQU and the Nahdi Co. undertake.

Within the same context, Dr. Abdul-Rahamn Alaahadl, the Scientific Research dean, pointed out that the agreement to be signed between the UQU and the company is to include the students specialized in financial administration, accounting, human resources, warehouses and inventory management, information technology, pharmacology and marketing. The agreement is similarly to involve helping the students provide the necessary information for their scientific and research projects.   

For his part, Manief Mabrouk Al-Nahdi, the Nahdi Co. for Medical Services regional director, praised the UQU’s scientific, educational, research and societal role. He further noted that the initiative the company launches and the agreement signed between the two parties comes from the company’s national role and its interest in putting its societal role into effect. He also pointed out that the real investment lies in qualifying and training our fellow citizens, namely university students who are the backbone of this country. All the more, he offered his thanks and gratitude to Dr. Samr Alharbi, the acting president, for his swift response to this national and societal project.