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Umm Al-Qura University

Free Services Offered by ‘Nesma Campaign’ to Quit Smoking

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- 2019/04/16

Umm Al-Qura University launched a package of free medical and awareness services for students who wish to quit smoking. The package uses therapeutic and educational methods delivered through a health practitioner under the supervision of a medical team from UQU College of Pharmacy and the anti-smoking program team at Makkah Health Affairs Directorate.

The Vice Dean of the College of Community Service and Continuing Education and the Head of the Subcommittee on Tobacco and Drug Abuse Awareness, Dr. Zainab Al-Qadi, pointed out that the support services of the mobile clinic include awareness programs which contribute to educating the university students on the damage caused by smoking. This includes conducting regular tours of the university facilities to receive cases desiring to be included in the clinic's program to achieve a healthy and smoke-free environment.

The university staff participated in launching the ‘Nesma Campaign’ organized by the Subcommittee on Tabacco and Drug Abuse Awareness, in collaboration with the Anti-Smoking Program at Makkah Health Affairs Directorate, to raise awareness among university staff and students about the dangers of smoking and provide therapeutic and behavioral support to women wishing to quit smoking. The launch was held in the presence of the Vice President of the University for Female Student Affairs, Dr. Sarah Al-Khuli, the supervisor of the anti-smoking program, Dr. Salwa Berdaisi, her assistant, Dr. Thurayya Bukhari, Ms. Manal Al-Rahali, and Ms. Sumayya Yamani.