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UQU President Signs 52 Research Projects with Researchers

The Umm Qura University President, Dr. Bakri bin Maatouq Assa signed 52 research projects  with the researchers taking part in presenting these research projects at the University. The signing took place at a ceremony organized by the Scientific Research Deanship. The King Abdul-Aziz supporting hall in Ala’abidiah hosted the ceremony for males; together with the Aljawharh hall female students’ section in Alzahir, on November 7th , 2016. Present were Dr. Samr ibn Hemdan Alharbi; the Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research vice president, Dr. Nabil ibn Abdul-Qadir Kushuk; Work and Knowledge Innovation vice president; Dr. Abdul-Rahman ibn Ghalib Alahdal, Scientific Research dean, colleges’ deans, Scientific Research vice deanships and the participating researchers.

Still, the ceremony given for this occasion started with recitation out of the holy Quran, and then Dr. Abdul-Rahamn Alahdil, the Scientific Research dean, presented a statistical presentation about the research grants programs in its first round, and the requirements and regulations of choosing the scientific researches and the phases of being process by the Deanship. He went on point out that the Deanship received 284 research proposals out of which 47 were chosen in all specialties, adding in five research proposals for the research center programs. He similarly noted that the research projects presented were placed into three categories: “Researcher” Program   includes the entire faculty members; ‘”Promising” Program is available to all the female faculty members and is favored over the “Researcher” Program; and the highest priority is attached to the “Pioneer” Program assigned for the faculty members with recently-awarded PhD.

After that, Dr. Hanadi bint Mohammed Behairi, the Scientific Research for Quality, Development and Academic Accreditation vice dean, delivered a speech in which she stressed on the interest of the Scientific Research Deanship in quality in terms of studying  and judging the research projects and short listing them. Further, she added that the Deanship was keen to form the panel for the researches submitted from 60 overseas universities, representing 20 states from all over the world.  

Afterwards, Dr, Samr ibn Hemdan Alharbi, the Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research vice dean, gave a speech, underlining that the University Scientific Research Deanship, since its creation, worked on setting the regulations and procedures that adequately encourage the University researchers to activate their research role in all specialties. The Deanship similarly took into consideration dealing fairly with all researchers. He further emphasized that the Deanship’s research mobility and the equipment prepared to that effect reveals a bright future for the University in general, and the Scientific Research Deanship in particular.       

Within the same vein, Dr. Alharbi offered congratulations to all researchers whose researches were named, wishing that all would complete according to the plan set. He likewise extended thanks and gratitude to Dr. Bakri bin Maatouq Assas, the University president, for his constant support and encouragement to advance the scientific research within this scientific edifice for fulfilling the sought-after ambitions, serving the country and its citizens.        

Then, Dr. Bakri bin Maatouq Assa, the University president, delivered a speech congratulating the researchers whose research projects were named as part of the Research Grants Program of the Scientific Research Deanship. He also wished that such research projects would contribute to the wellbeing of this country and its citizens.

By the same token, Dr Bakri underscored that the scientific researches plays an important role in advancing societies, and contributing to the wellbeing of peoples and states, adding that any nation’s progress is gauged by what it possesses in terms of scientific renaissance. As such, he stressed that the Umm Al-Qura University supported by its officials and the encouragement of the Education Minister, Dr. Ahmed ibn Mohammed Ala’aisi, attaches utmost care to that regard. He went on adding that the Kingdom’s 2030 vision mainly focuses on advancing the scientific and research level for contributing to the knowledge economy.  

Dr. Bakri said “the Umm Al-Qura University began to see the results of the scientific research materialized in the form of patents that have been turned into products and services, contributing to the knowledge economy, which our prudent government lends it its care and interest. He wished every success to the Scientific Research Deanship and those participating with their research projects.     

At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Bakri signed the research grant contracts with the researchers. He also honored the outgoing Scientific Research Dean, Dr. Faisal A’alaf, for his efforts in serving the University in general, and the Scientific Research Deanship in particular.