Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

The Joint First Year Deanship Celebrates the Excellence of 75 Female Students

The Joint First Year Deanship for scientific and administrative streams (female section) at Al-Shishah Campus yesterday celebrated the distinction of 75 female students who attained excellent grades in the preparatory year. This event came within its annual activities in choosing majors, which is known as, 'Dream Greenhouse'. The celebration was attended by the Vice President for Female Student Affairs Dr. Sarah Al-Khuli, and a number of vice deans and academic staff members.

Dr. Sarah Al-Khuli praised the female students' excellent grades and outstanding achievements during the first year, which is a positive indicator of the scientific distinction they will most probably reach after choosing their majors. She commended the efforts of the Joint First Year Deanship in organizing the annual activity for choosing majors and helping female students to determine the scientific field they wish to follow at Umm Al-Qura University.

The Vice Dean of the Joint First Year for Scientific and Administrative Streams, Dr. Haifaa Hijazi, expressed her happiness for the increase in the number of excellent female students this year, and what they have achieved of scientific and cognitive distinction that qualify them to choose their majors. She pointed out that intensive research, discovering one's interests, and knowing the needs and requirements of the labor market are important steps that help female students to choose the right major that suits their inclinations and future career.

On their part, the Vice Dean of the College of Computer and Information Systems, Dr. Sarah Al-Shareef, and the Vice Dean of the College of Business Administration for Educational Affairs, Dr. Hanaa Al-Utaibi, informed the female students about the departments and majors available in the two colleges and the extent they fulfill the needs of labor market, in the light of the Saudi Kingdom vision 2030, by displaying fields of work for every major. They also informed the female students about the student councils and scientific clubs that promote cognitive achievement for students to make them active members in their community and pioneer leaders in their scientific field.