Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

The College of Education Sets up a Preparatory Camp for 200 New Students in the Department of Physical Education

The College of Education sets up a preparatory camp for 200 new students of the Department of Physical Education at the permanent camp of the General Sports Authority at Al-Urafa', Taif. The activities of this camp will last to the end of the current week.

The Dean of the College of Education, Dr. Aly bin Muslih Al-Matrafy, praised the support and care of His Excellency the President of Umm Al-Qura University, Prof. Abdullah bin Omar Bafil, toward the activities of the college. He also appreciated the cooperation between the General Sports Authority and the Deanship of Student Affairs, and indicated that the preparatory program for Physical Education students aimed at polishing and endorsing their cognitive skills, under the supervision of academic cadres in the Physical Education Department. He wished them much success and progress.

For his part, the Head of the Department of Physical Education, Dr. Yusuf Al-Utaiby, pointed out that the activities of the preparatory camp for new students in the Physical Education Department began on Monday 27 Safar, 1440 A.H., and will last till the end of the week. 200 students will participate in these activities. This camp will participate in developing and endorsing their skills and talents. Finally, he praised the support and directions of the Dean of the College of Education, Dr. Aly Al-Matrafy, for the activities and the different programs in the department.