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UQU President Inaugurates (Be Kind to Parents) Campaign

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Added on - 2018/10/14  |  اخر تعديل - 2018/10/14

Dr. Abdullah bin Omar BaFail, the President of UQU, inaugurated "Be Kind to Parents"Campaign, which is being organized by the College of D'awa and Fundamentals of Religion, during the period between Safar 5 and 9, 1440H. The inauguration was attended by Dr. Faisal Ghazawi, the Dean of the College of D'awa and Fundamentals of Religion; Dr. Amr bin Taha Al-Saqaf, the Dean of the Student Affairs; and the College’s Vice Deans at the University City in Al-Abediya Campus.

The celebration started with a Quarnic recitation, followed by a speech for Dr. Ghazawi in which he highlighted that every Muslim should be aware the parents’ right is the most obligated among the rights and kindness towards them is from the righteous prophets’ qualities. He added that to be kind to parents means that one should treat them well and perform benevolence and righteousness in both word and deed, like to pray for them and through the good word, lowering the voice, continuous connection and communication with them, serving them and spending money to provide them with their daily needs. Also, one should be compassionate and care about their feelings especially when they are old. On the contrary, one should not hurt them or yell at them even by saying (Oof), stay away from disobeying them or under valuating their rights. One should seek their satisfaction and provide them with whatever they like and be obedient to them.

He pointed that this campaign and its meaningful program come in a time when estrangement and disobedience increased and people needed someone to preach them about this matter and warn them of the result of their deeds. He added that this campaign is as a reminder and preach to remind each other and for the mentors to remind the inattentive and for the righteous to remind the disobedient and to remind the good people and correction seekers to not to be drifted from the holy guidance. "Be Kind to Parents" is a large base of good morals and who drifted from following it, got lost.  

Moreover, the College’s Dean lauded the concern of the UQU President for the College’s activities and events, expressing thanks and appreciation to all who participated in organizing this celebration, led by Dr. Eisa Al-Muslamy and Dr. Ra’ed Bajoury, the campaign’s supervisor, the supervisors of the Dawa Student Club for their blessed efforts and all the work team in the male and female sections.

After that, the UQU President honored the parents of a number of College’s faculty members and students, in gratitude and recognition. Then he drew the campaign’s rewards.

That was followed by a speech for Dr. BaFail in which he highlighted the efforts of the campaign’s organizers, pointing that children should be educated about how to be kind to parents and fulfill their rights, especially when they are old. He added that expanding in such works is very important and full of good. He then thanked the College and campaign’s organizers, wishing all luck and success.

Moreover, the UQU President inaugurated the Student Club of the College of D’awa and listened to a detailed explanation from Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Smadany, the Head of the Club, about its activities and programs, which contribute to enriching the talents of the students and develop their skill.