Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

UQU President Launches (Be Happy) Initiative

Dr. Abdullah bin Omar BaFail, the President of UQU, has launched “Be Happy” Initiative, which offers programs and activities for the students that contribute to delighting them and filling them with optimism and diligence. That was during his visit to the College of Shari'a and Islamic Studies in the University City in Al-Abediya, in the presence of Dr. Ghazi bin Murshid Al-Otaibi, the Dean of the UQU College of Sharia and Islamic Studies, the College’s Vice Deans and Heads of Departments.

As soon as he arrived, he listened to an overview by the Dean of the College about the College’s mission, vision and objectives. After that, the UQU President held a meeting with the College Council, in which he was welcomed by the Dean who said that the College is considered a leading scientific lighthouse in Sharia sciences and Islamic studies to meet the society’s needs of scientific research and qualify specialized people in sharia fields. The College seeks attracting, qualifying and encouraging the outstanding human cadres, applying the quality standards, getting the academic accreditation, supporting the scientific and research production and promoting researchers.

He added that Through the university’s future vision, the college seeks creating a special relation with the students and graduates and encouraging its students to support and participate in the extra-curricular activities. He then lauded the support and directives of the UQU President for the College’s activities and programs and his keenness on participating in them. He also praised the efforts of the College’s Vice Deans and Heads of Departments to promote the College’s outputs.

After that, Dr. BaFail launched (Be Happy) Initiative for the University’s students, praising the support given by the wise leadership to the educational process and its administrative and research environment. He highlighted that Dr. Ahmed bin Mohamed Al-Issa, the Minister of Education, has provided his support and follow up for the UQU different activities and programs. He noted that the objective of this initiative is offering all the means that would contribute to delighting the students and creating the suitable environment for their aspirations, stressing on the importance of giving consideration to the students and provide them with all the means the would contribute to their satisfaction, being the main reason behind establishing this university.