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34151  Special Education Department Discuses Higher Diploma & MA Programs

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Added on - 2018/09/16  |  اخر تعديل - 2018/09/16

Dr. Ali bin Musleh Al-Matrfi, dean of Education College at Umm Al-Qura University (UQU), took up the “Study Plan of the College’s Special Education Department and its New Programs”, during the first meeting held on this regard with the start of the academic year 1439/1440 AH. The meeting was attended by Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Jabar Al-Sulami, vice-dean of the College for Development and Educational Programs; Dr. Talal Okail Al-Khairi, vice-dean of the College for Postgraduates; and Dr. Sobhy bin Saeed Al-Harthy, Head of the Department, along with the participation of faculty members.

At first, Dr. Ali delivered a speech congratulating all attendees on the new academic year. He said that the Special Education Department, since its launch in 1432 AH as the newest one in the college and among the department of special education in KSA, witnessed great turnout, especially during the past six years from the male and female students applying in the university. This has enhanced the role of the College of Education in qualifying and graduating national cadres in specializations and tracks offered by the department.

Dr. Al- Matrfi lauded the support and attention that the College of Education, in general, and the Department of Education, in particular, receive from Dr. Abdullah bin Omar Bafeel, UQU President. He praised the efforts of the department head and his colleagues, along with the faculty members, during the past period, and their sincere efforts to develop the programs and courses of the Department of Special Education of the College, wishing everyone success.

The attendees were also briefed on the readiness of the department and its programs and initiatives to build community partnerships and cooperation agreements that contribute to the community service. They also discussed the study plan for the department and the educational programs it offers for students in its four tracks in the fields of intellectual disability, learning difficulties, behavioral disorders “autism” and hearing impairment.

The meeting also discussed the developmental programs of the Department of Special Education and its new scientific and educational programs, opening the way for postgraduate and MA degree programs.