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 University Medical Center Launches New Package of e-Services 

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Added on - 2018/09/13  |  اخر تعديل - 2018/09/13

The University Medical Center has launched a number of new e-services for all students and affiliates of the university to keep them in line with the medical services provided for them.  


The Director of the University Medical Center Dr. Yassir bin Hassan Ba Hakim said the introduced e-services in the university medical center page on the university website include the possibility of opening new medical file for all students and affiliates of the university besides updating the personal data of the owner of the medical file or adding dependents in addition to inquiring about all services provided via e-communication.  


He added that the University Medical Center has been approved by Efada service of the Ministry of Health within the authorized health sectors to conduct medical examination, laboratory analyses necessary to issue Resident Identity for the expatriate students and contracted faculty members besides conducting medical examinations for all students and affiliates of the university to issue or renew driving license. He went on to say that, these services could be used by filling the medical examination form of the driving license available in the page of the medical center, then the service seeker must refer to the relevant authority upon receiving a text message in this regard after undergoing the medical examination and the needed blood analyses.  

"These services are an add-on of the services launched before including; clinics appointment booking via the university website besides making all the services provided by the medical center to be available online to save time and provide an easy and distinctive service and keeping the information in e-files",  he expounded.  


Wrapping up his speech, Dr. Ba Hakim expressed his deepest thanks and appreciation to the UQU President Prof. Abdullah bin Omar Bafail for the support and keenness attached to the University Medical Center. He also extended his thanks to the UQU Vice President Dr. Yassir bin Suleiman Shoushou for his continuous follow up of the center's works and services which contributed to the quality of the medical services provided for all the students and affiliates of the university, extending his thanks also to the team working in the public health unit, medical records and laboratory and all the affiliates of the University Medical Center for their exerted efforts which contributed to boosting the services provided for all the visitors of the Center.