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UQU President Launches the Orientation Meeting with the Participation of 1250 Graduate Students

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Added on - 2018/09/10  |  اخر تعديل - 2018/09/10

The UQU President Prof. Abdullah bin Omar Bafail has launched today Monday Dhul-Hijjah 30, 1439 H the orientation meeting for the graduate students for the academic year 1439/1440 H amounting to 1250 male and female students organized by the Deanship of Graduate Studies. The meeting took place at King Abdulaziz Historical Hall in Abdyia and was transmitted via the closed TV circuit at Khogair Hall in Al-Zahir campus.  

After initiating the ceremony with a Quranic recitation, the Dean of the Graduate Studies Dr. Saeed bin Abdul-Rahman Al-Harthi delivered speech in which he explained the role of his deanship in upgrading the research and scientific level and developing graduate students skills to be in line with the strategic orientation of the university and to keep pace with the Kingdom Vision 2030. He added that the deanship is endeavoring to achieve its national objectives by such mean of increasing the number of graduate students. 


He added that the number of applicants to the graduate studies programs via the unified admission portal for this year is about 10 thousand students in 69 academic programs whereas 1253 applications were approved for the Ph.D., MSc, and Higher diploma degrees, including; 213 applications by teaching assistants and lecturers of 21 Saudi universities bringing the total number of the graduate students in the university to be more than 4 thousand male and female students. 


He underscored that under the directives and follow up of the UQU President Prof. Abdullah bin Omar Bafail, the Deanship of the Graduate Studies is very keen to removing all the obstacles and facilitating the academic and administrative procedures stipulated by the Unified Regulation for Graduate Studies at Saudi Universities to complete requirements of awarding the scientific degree whereas more than  6 thousand e-transactions have been achieved in this regard. 


He was followed by the UQU Vice President for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research Dr. Thamir bin Hamdan Al-Harbi who explained the role of the graduate studies as one of the scientific pillars serving the community, achieving its objectives and goals and boosting national development wheel. He pointed out that flexible and smooth organizational and procedural regulations were set via an e-system to serving the graduate students, following up on the performance of the students and supervisors and preparing the regular scientific reports. He then urged the students to conduct scientific and research projects, which will help to achieve the Kingdom Vision. 


Further, the UQU President Prof. Bafail who congratulated the students enrolled in the university's graduate studies programs for the academic year 1439/1440 H, delivered address saying that "Accepting more than 1 thousand male and female students annually in the university's graduate studies programs consolidates the scientific and research role undertaken by the university in parallel with  the plans and programs of the National Transformation 2020 and the Kingdom Vision 2030, looking forward to upgrading the scientific research and its scientific integrity to reach the international level of the research projects".   


He stressed that Umm Al-Qura University has set its sight on the specialized scientific and professional competence by such mean of qualifying the national cadres and attracting the scientific competencies in all fields making the university a front-runner in the industry of the future leaders, scientists and builders of its glory. He dubbed the new graduate students as the holders of the banners of the scientists in the scientific research, development, innovation and creativity fields. He referred to the generous support attached to the university by the wise leadership and praised the follow up of the Education Minister Dr. Ahmed bin Mohamed Al-Issa and his support provided for the university's educational outputs. 


After that, the faculty member in the university Dr. Somaya Sharaf made a presentation about her successful scientific and educational story. 


Then, the activities of the orientation forum were launched with the participation of the parties relevant to the graduate studies including; the Deanship of Graduate Studies, Deanship of Library Affairs, Deanship of Admission Affairs, Deanship of e-Learning and Distance Education, Deanship of Information Technology and the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.