Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

UQU President Receives Participation Certificate of UQU English Language Center in Oxford Quality  

The President of Umm Al-Qura University Prof. Abdullah Omar Bafail received on Thursday Ramadan 15, 1439 corresponding to May 31, 2018, the certificate of participation in the Quality Program of Oxford University from the Senior Education Advisors and the e-Learning Expert at Oxford University Press. The meeting was attended by the UQU Vice President for Educational Affairs Prof. Abdul-Aziz bin Rashad Al-Sorouji, the Director of English Language Center Dr. Sami bin Muhammad Ghalib Eterji and the team of the English Language Center. The ELC's Certificate of Membership in the Oxford Quality program is reckoned one of the fruits of the constructive cooperation between the two sides in the academic, scientific, educational, research, training and developmental fields.  It's also an extension of the Centre's membership in the Oxford program of quality since 2015. 

Meanwhile, the UQU President Prof. Bafail lauded such excellence achieved by the English Language Center within the continuous cooperation between Umm Al-Qura University and Oxford University, one of the prominent university at the global level. He underlined that the membership of ELC the Oxford Quality Program will contribute to developing work system, academic programs, and educational services in the university besides upgrading the outcomes of the university to be in the ranks of global levels, wishing success for everyone to achieve the sought-after objectives.


For his part, the UQU Vice President for Educational Affairs Prof. Abdul-Aziz bin Rashad Al-Sorouji expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to the UQU President Prof. Abdullah Bafail for his keenness and close follow-up of all university programs besides supporting its objectives. "Everyone is working to upgrade the university outcomes in such manner which achieves aspirations of the education officials in our beloved Kingdom ", he expounded. 


In turn, the Director of English Language Center Dr. Sami Eterji extended his thanks to UQU President and UQU Vice President for Educational Affairs for the permanent support provided for the ELC and its affiliates. He said the membership of English Language Center in the program will have a significant impact on achieving the educational objectives in all academic, scientific, educational, developmental, and training fields as one of the development elements to keep pace with the Kingdom Vision 2030 to serve the educational process in the university. He then prayed to Allah to bestow success upon everyone.