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“Teaching Assistant” Interviews Date, Economic Sciences College

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Added on - 2018/05/22  |  اخر تعديل - 2018/05/22

The College of Islamic Economics and Finance is pleased to announce the interview date of (Teaching Assistant) at all departments. The interview shall be held on Thursday, 9th Ramadan 1439H (Makkah Calendar) (24th May 2018) at 1:00 pm.


  1. Men:

UQU – Al-Abediyah – Q5 Building – College Council Meeting Room.


  1. Women:

UQU, Al-Zaher-based University Studies Deanship, C Building, Vice-Dean’s Office, 3rd Floor, Entrance No. .. Al-Jawhara.


The candidates shall bring the following documents:


  1. Original copy of the national ID or passport.
  2. Original copy of the academic qualifications and record.
  3. Notice of electronic application.
  4. Proof that the candidate is not a government employee (Profession data can be printed from Absher: My Info – Personal Info including: Profession Category/ Profession).
  5. Two personal photos.
  6. The candidate shall attend half an hour before the interview for document review.

To know the status of the application (candidate/ not), please check the status of the application registered on the E-Recruitment website.

Candidates’ Numbers:

  1. 43906431 Thamer Salah Al-Sowaihery.
  2. 43901087 Abdullah Emad Khojah.
  3. 43913079 Rowaida Yusuf Al-Thaqafy.
  4.  43904450 Rahda Abdulkarim Al-Anzy.
  5.  43904590 Sami Rateb Al-Assaly.
  6. 43914888 Hanaa Muhammad Al-Ghamdy.
  7. 43905227 Wafaa Abdullah Al-Thubaity.
  8. 43904179 Monira Muhammad Al-Jerifany.
  9. 43909979 Baheer Muhammad Al-Harby.
  10. 43902858 Abdullah Muhammad bin Sultan.
  11. 43911501 Hanady Namer Al-Khalidy.
  12. 43914328 Alaa Faisal Qassem.