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Umm Al-Qura University

Acting UQU President Checks on Comprehensive e –Clinical Tests of the Medicine College   

The acting UQU President Dr. Hani bin Osman Ghazi checked on experiment of the College of Medicine's comprehensive e-Clinical tests conducted for about 900 male and female students while visiting Simulation and Medical Skills Center, using the latest technological methods in training and international clinical medicine assessment. The visit took place in the presence of the Dean of College of Medicine Dr. Abdul-Salam Noor Wali at the university campus in Abdyia. 


Meanwhile, the Dean of College of Medicine Dr. Abdul-Salam Noor Wali said the center includes 30 general clinics, 4 patients’ suites, 5 specialized clinics such as Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic indicating that the center is equipped with high resolution simulation dolls to provide training for students for the cases which require medical analysis thinking and speed decision making. He pointed out that about 900 students conducted their exams using center’s technologies with the participation of the representatives of the health sectors in the region in the assessment process.  


He further added that the center is provided with high quality technology of learning space which enables students to early book a clinic for training and video recording and then sending the video to the faculty member via the official email for assessment. The center is equipped with the latest technology means for training process and for the international clinical assessment with medical, administrative and technical staff specialized in creating the proper educational and training environment for students. 

For his part, the acting UQU President Dr. Hani bin Osman Ghazi praised the support attached by the wise leadership to the educational process in such manner which contributed to providing a unique educational environment pointing out that the Medical Skills and Simulation Center is a unique example to upgrade students training and assessment process besides increasing the quality of the outcomes to graduate efficient physicians who will contribute to serving their religion and nation and will become the focus of the university’s pride.