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Institute of Research and Consultation Studies Organizes (Preparing E-Portfolio in Special Education) Course

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- 2018/04/16

The Institute of Research and Consultation Studies (Girls Section) organized a course entitled (Preparing E-Portfolio in Special Education), on Thursday 19/7/1439 AH, at the institute’s training hall. It was delivered by Dr. Nermin Qutb, assistant professor at the Department of Special Education, and deputy to the department.

The course introduced the concept of the training portfolio, its sections, how to prepare a separate training unit, and the mechanism of linking the scientific material electronically.

At the end of the course, the female trainees were given an accredited certificate of accreditation from the Vice-Deanship for Support of Professional Accreditation. The Institute of Research and Consulting Studies also provided a certificate of thanks to the trainer for the useful information; praying to Allah to grant her success.

This course is part of a series of courses of the Professional Development for Teachers and Educational Leaders Unit (PDTELU).