Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

UQU Announces Launching Bid to Lease Investment Locations

Important news
- 2018/04/07

UQU, represented in the Deanship o Student Affairs, announces launching bid to lease the following investment locations:



Number of locations

Tender price


The main restaurant at the Headquarters of Student Activities in Al-Abideyah


1000 riyals


Laundry at students hostels in Al-Abideyah


500 riyals


Cafeterias and libraries at the headquarters of UQU in Makkah and the branches of Jamoum and Al-Laith


500 riyals


Supply and operation of safety box spreads for female students' headquarters


500 riyals


Supply and operation of vending machines


500 riyals


Nursery at the College of Design in Al-Mansour


500 riyals


The final date to submit offers

2:00 pm from Thursday 10 Sha’ban 1439AH as opening bids will be on the same day at 1:00 pm

Location of offers presentation

Student Fund Administration at the Deanship of Student Affairs in Al-Abideyah.



To obtain the tender specifications and make offers, please refer to the Deanship of Student Affairs in Al-Abideyah, Student Fund Administration. Each party making a bid must attach the following documents:

- Valid photo from the commercial register in the field of activity the applicant wants to submit a tender offer in.  

- A copy of a valid commercial chamber subscription.  

- A copy of valid certificate of Zakat and income.

- A copy of the national ID of the owner of the company/institution and the appointed manager.

- Valid social insurance certificates.

- Certificate of achievement of the regular percentage for job settlement (Saudization certificate).

- Bank guarantee representing 15% of the bid value


Important documents: 

1- A report of the locations and their descriptions.

2- Conditions and general description of the cafeterias and libraries.

3- General description of the restaurant .

4- Conditions and general descriptions of the vending machines.

5- General description of the nursery  .

6- Conditions and description of the laundry .

7. Conditions and general description of the box spreads.