Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Sheikh Faisal Ghazawi Named Dean of the College of Islamic Theology

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- 2016/07/19

The UQU President, Dr. Bakri bin Maatooq Assas, has taken an administrative decision.

The Advisor to the UQU President, Mr. Essam bin Hassan Margooshi, announced that the said decision stipulated:

Appointing Sheikh Faisal bin Jameel bin Hassan Ghazawi as the Dean of the College of Da'wa and Islamic Theology (usul ad-deen), for a time tenure of two years.

The UQU President, Dr. Assas, wished them good luck with their new positions, and called upon them to make every effort to drive the university to the sought-after target.

For his part, the UQU President expressed his appreciation for Prof. Muhammad bin Saeed Abdullah al-Sarhani for his dedication, and for all the sincere efforts he made during his tenure as dean of the college. He wished him unceasing success.