Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

 UQU President Launches Initiative of Creating and Designing Services System for Students and Investors 

President of Umm Al-Qura University Dr. Bakri bin M'atooq bin Bakri Assas launched today the initiative organized by the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the university under the title of "Awtad" intended to creating and designing services system for students and investors and raising the efficiency of the student startups.  Present in the workshop was the Dean of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute  Dr. Mowfaq bin Mohamed bin Ahmed Oreijah, CEO of Wadi Makkah Dr. Faisal bin Ahmed Al-Alaf and the officials of the Institute at the center of startups in Wadi Makkah in the Abdyia-based university campus. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Assas praised such steps taken and still be the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute to fulfill its role and participate in the national transformation system. He also praised the institute's action plan in this regard. 


The UQU President reiterated the importance of such programs, activities, and plans that would support entrepreneurs (whether students, faculty members, researchers or innovators) to partake in realizing the Kingdom Vision 2030. This should be the main focus of the Institute, he said, given that creative work and entrepreneurship constitute the hard core of its message. Meanwhile, he called on affiliates of the Institute to make every to contribute to achieving the leading role of the university and to serving our nation and citizens. That is to be achieved, he stressed, by thinking of better programs that would help realize the desired objectives set in the Kingdom Vision 2030.

For his part, the Dean of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute Dr. Mowfaq Oreijah expressed his thanks and appreciation to UQU President Dr. Bakri Assas for his lasting support provided for the programs and activities of the Institute praising his close follow-up of the strategic plans carried out by the Institute to achieve the objectives for which it was established.  


He underscored that the Institute embarks on providing workshops contributing to creating and developing system of services for students and investors and raise the efficiency of the students' startups within the initiatives launched by the Institute to establish e-Training and Qualification Center  for Investment, Innovation and Entrepreneurship  targeting students  and to provide them with the needed training and proper environment to establish startups and achieve the national objectives. 


He described such initiative as an innovative system in the field of entrepreneurship to support inventors and entrepreneurs students in the university which can be expanded to include a larger number of male and female students in the Saudi universities in line with the National Transformation Program which will contribute to achieving the ambitious vision of the Kingdom 2030. He added that it’s the first fruit of an outstanding and innovative work designed to set a methodology of services system and e-platform to provide high-quality services to support students and investors in the field of entrepreneurship. 


After that, the activities of the first training workshop started under the title: "  Modelling, Manufacturing and Commercial Assessment", by the Vice Dean of the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Educational Affairs Dr. Wajdi Qattan, then the Marketing & Identity Building Consultant Najma Al-Sharif started the second workshop under the title: " Markets Access Strategy ".