Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

First Session of Hisbah Scientific Conference Discusses 6 work papers 

The activities of the Hisbah Scientific Conference organized by the Higher Institute for Promotion of Virtues and Prevention of Vice under the theme: National Belonging and Intellectual Security", held its first scientific session under the chairmanship of the ex-member of the Council of Senior Scholars and the member and rapporteur of the Islamic Fiqh Council of the Muslim World League Dr. Ali bin Abbas Al-Hakami and the Vice Dean of the Higher Institute for Promotion of Virtues and Prevention of Vice Dr. Omar Al-Rashdi. During the session, the researchers discussed six work papers about the first theme of the conference the concepts related to Hisbah in Islam whereas the Associate Professor at UQU Dr. Al-Mahdi bin Mohamed Al-Harazi tackled the issue of the impact of misconception on the extreme intellectual deviations. While the Assistant Professor at Hail University, Dr. Salem bin Obaid Al-Motairi presented his research on the concepts related to Hisbah in Islam and their relation to the similar terms. However, the Assistant Professor at Jeddah University Dr. Abdullah bin Attiah Al-Ahmadi spoke about the educational implications derived from the texts of Quran and Sunna and their relation to the consolidation of intellectual security. Also, the Assistant Professor at King Faisal University Dr. Hatim bin Mohamed Mazroua presented a research about the guidance learned from the most prominent verses of the Hisbha in the Quran. Moreover, the Dean of the Higher Institute of Hisbah and D'awa at Imam Mohamed bin Saud University in Riyadh Dr. Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al-Lhaidan spoke in his paper about the role of Hisbah in protecting the society from the intellectual deviation and confronting it: Principles and Applications.


The first session concluded with a work paper by the Director General of the Dialogue Academy for Training Mr. Ismail bin Mansi Al-Omari in which he tackled the role of King Abdul-Aziz Center for National Dialogue in Promoting for Intellectual Security).


After that,  the Higher Institute for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice organized a training course on the sideline of the conference presented by the Institute’s Vice Dean Dr. Omar bin Hassan Al-Rashdi under the title of "Training Portfolio Designing Method"  which covered several themes including; “ the scientific preparation to collect content”, “transferring scientific content into a training material”, “How to design  professional training activities and tutorials”, and "How to organize pictures and preparing the portfolio for internal revision and external arbitration”.