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Judicial Studies College Organizes (Regulations’ Impact on Cybersecurity) Forum

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- 2017/12/05

Under the patronage of Dr. Hala bint Saeed Al-Amoudi, Dean of the University Studies for Girls, the College of Judicial Studies and the Regulations organized the forum titled, “The Impact of Regulations in Achieving Cybersecurity in the Saudi System.” The College was represented by its Dean, Prof. Dr. Saud bin Ibrahim Al-Shureim. In addition, both Dr. Farida bint Muhammad Al-Ghamdi, Vice-Dean of the University Studies for Girls, and Prof. Dr. Sheikha bint Saeed Ashour, Vice-Dean of the University Studies for Girls for Education and Development, attended the Forum on behalf of Dr. Al-Amoudi. The Forum aimed to clarify the concept of information security and to raise awareness about the dangers of sharing personal information through social media, and the risks of cybercrime. The Forum also was supervised by researchers and experts, and attended by a number of UQU affiliates and staff members. It is worth mentioning that the event was held at 09:00 am on Thursday, 12th Rabie I 1439H, at Al-Jawhara Hall (Girls Section) in Al-Zaher.     

Within this framework, the event started with a Qur’anic recitation followed by a visual presentation of the most significant achievements of the College of Judicial Studies and the Regulations, in addition to the subject of the Forum. Then, Dr. Nora bint Zaid Al-Rashoud gave a speech that explained the importance of raising awareness against cybercrime, and identifying the regulations and methods of protection and the penalties for violations. She also demonstrated the significance of the digital revolution. In other words, she pointed out that it faced challenges that required a strategic will to build the technological services infrastructure. She added that this resulted in the issuance of the royal decree to establish the National Cyber Security Authority, which has been achieving the Kingdom's leadership in this domain, stemming from KSA Vision 2030. Afterwards, Dr. Al-Rashoud extended deep thanks to Dr. Bakri bin Maatouq Assas, UQU President, for his support and sponsorship for the programs that raised the university community of students.  

This was followed by the dialogue sessions prepared by the female students of the College of Judicial Studies and the Regulations. In this context, several themes such as cybercrime, cybersecurity, e-commerce, as well as examples of crimes and punishment thereof were put forward. Besides, solutions for correct information protection were provided, while some common mistakes were introduced.

At the end of the event, Dr. Hessa bint Fahd Al-Sharif (Assistant Head of the Department of Regulations) and Dr. Nora Al-Rashoud honored the committee heads and participating students with certificates and shields. They also extended deep thanks and gratitude to them for their great efforts.