Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Scientific Society to Support Endowment Research and Studies Established 

The College of Judicial Studies and Regulations at Umm Al-Qura University launched the Saudi Endowment Society on Tuesday evening at the university headquarters in Abdyia in the presence of UQU President Dr. Bakri bin M'atooq bin Bakri Assas,  the College Dean and the imam and preacher of the Grand Mosques Dr. Saud bin Ibrahim Al-Shuraim and a number of academics and those interested in the field of endowment.   


Meanwhile, Dr. Al-Shuraim said the Saudi Endowment Society didn't come out of the blue but reflects a momentum of renewed awareness and culture towards  endowments which led the College of Judicial Systems and Regulations to take the initiative in establishing the society and preparing for it since an early time. 


He said the society will focus on the practical side in such manner which will upgrade endowment systems, expand its prospects and raise people awareness in this regard.  He added that it will be dedicated to cover everything related to endowment and nothing will be neglected in this regard. 


He Further revealed that the society will embark on providing specialized research and studies in the field of endowment and will issue half-year scientific journal focusing on the field of endowment. Additionally, he said the society will organize workshops for exchanging ideas and knowledge in such manner which will achieve benefit for endowment.   


On another hands, the Saudi Endowment Society convened its first general assembly session  and elected members of the board of directors including; Dr. Saud Al-Shuraim, Sheikh Hamad Al-Ghamas, Dr. Ali Al-Zahrani, Dr. Khalid Al-Shamarani, Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Jiraiwi, Dr. Sitr Al-Jaid, Dr. Omar Al-Mobti, and Sheikh Noaf Al-Ghalib.