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UQU Sends 600 Thousand Orientation Messages to Freshmen

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- 2017/09/16

The Deanship of Student Affairs continues sending directional and awareness messages to freshmen of the academic year 1438 H. The number of messages sent so far amounts to over 600 thousand messages.

The Vice-dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Tallal bin Ali Muthana indicated that the deanship has been communicating with the new students joining UQU this year through awareness and orientation messages on all of its websites and social media channels on a daily basis.

He said that the deanship has started communication with students in early Dhul Qaida, sending them messages featuring highlights of student academic journey and motivational aspects that help prepare freshmen for a new academic year full of activity and hard work.

Muthana added that the messages tackled behavioral and ethical aspects students need in their academic life and in general, including: time management, choosing the right friend, and importance of grads and GPA calculation. Additionally, the messages aim to raise student awareness of possible issues. The vice-dean said that the freshmen forum and the communication program aimed to spread positive messages among students.

Later, he invited all students to attend the events and programs designed by the Deanship of Student Affairs during 27 - 29 Dhul Hijja 1438 H at King Saud Hall in Abbideya Campus. Male students can attend the event from 9 am to 1 pm while females can attend in the evening from 5 pm to 9 pm. Finally, he pointed out that students can contact the Deanship of Student Affairs through its website: or via messages on social media @DSAUQU.