Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

UQU MAWHIBA Female Trainees Visit Morgue, Labs and Departments of the College of Medicine

 The Supervisory Committee of the training program designed for MAWHIBA Female Students Enrichment Program 2017 at Umm Al-Qura University organized a practical visit for trainee female students to the College of Medicine in Abdyia. During the visit which lasted for two days, the female trainees were briefed about morgue, physiology lab and the different departments of the college of medicine.   


The Head of UQU MAWHIBA Program Dr. Hiba bint Saeed Al-Amoudi highlighted the importance of the visit for the talented students and its contribution to enriching their scientific understanding in the medical and vital sciences stream. She then expressed her thanks and appreciation to the Dean of the College of Medicine Dr. Anmar Mohamed Nassir for the facilities provided for increasing talented students knowledge enrichment in line with the program requirements and the scientific content of the stream.    


It is worth mentioning that During the visit which took place under the supervision of the medical and vital sciences stream trainer Dr. Abeer Yousef Mahdi, the female students learnt about the scientific course and the different parts of the human body  by educational models and real parts of the viscera. Additionally, they also learnt about the Anatomage table which anatomy simulation technique.

At the conclusion of  the visit, the talented female students expressed their admiration for the high quality and outstanding  techniques they have seen in the morgue.