Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Delegation from the Electricity Company Views Wadi Makkah Technology's Products

A delegation from the Saudi Electricity Company has visited Wadi Makkah Technology Company at the UQU Campus of UQU in Abideya. The delegation was headed by Engineer Abdulmoien Al-Shaikh, the head of the western sector; Waleed Al-Ghamdi, Director of Makkah Electricity Company; Shafi Al-Hasin, the Acting Head of Research and Development; Moslim Al-Moslim, the Acting Head of Engineering; Abdulsalam Al-Emari, Head of the Network Maintenance Sector; and Mansour Al-Masnour, the Head of Industrial Security. The delegation aimed to view the products and services offered by Wadi Makkah and its start-ups.       

The delegation was received by the Executive Manager of Wadi Makkah, Dr. Faisal Alaf, in addition to Dr. Majid Abdullah, the Head of Public Relations and Media in the company, as well as Dr. Wadea Barqawy, the Executive Manageer of Tilal Al-Namaa' Company, and Dr. Abdullah Mourad, the founder of one of the start-up companies in Wadi Makkah.

Upon its arrival at the company's headquarters; the delegation viewed the introductory presentation of the company. It included the company's achievements, and its 2022 strategic plan.

Afterwards, the delegation toured the company's building. During the tour, the delegation was able to view the company's electronic sensors, and the delegation members were able to listen to detailed explanation of the mechanisms of the factory's operation and how to work on the electronic sensors. They were also given a detailed presentation of some of the start-up companies' products from Wadi Makkah, as well as the technical services they offer, such as: (Navibees), the internal navigation company, the smart cities company (Averos), the medical technologies company (Softcare), and the delivery company (Tawseel).  

Eng. Abdulmoein Al-Shaikh praised the products and services he saw Wadi Makkah offer, explaining that the Saudi Electricity Company is looking forward to enter into positive partnerships with Wadi Makkah Technology.

For his part, Dr. Faisal Alaf, the Executive Manager of Wadi Makkah, said that the technologies of the start-ups and the resources of the companies affiliated to Wadi Makkah have gained the confidence of many clients in both the public and private sectors. He stressed that Wadi Makkah opens its doors for unlimited cooperation with all sectors, whether governmental or non-governmental ones.