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UQU President: 30 Thousand Online Applications for Admission to 225 Disciplines Received

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Added on - 2017/07/06  |  اخر تعديل - 2017/07/06

This Thursday evening, UQU closes the first admission stage to the academic year 1438-1439 A.H., which started early last Monday via the unified admission online portal. This is the most important admission stage for students seeking to attend various paths at the university, including direct admission or joining the preparatory year at the university's headquarter in Makkah, as well as in its branches at Al Jumum, Al-Lith, Adham and Al Qunfudha.

Upon instruction from chairman of the Supreme Committee for Admission, UQU President Dr. Bakri Bin M'atoog Bin Bakri Assas, an online operational room was created to respond to all admission-related inquiries submitted to Deanship of Admission and Registration as well as IT. “This joint room aims to ensure submitting applications properly via the unified admission online portal”, stated Dr. Assas.

“The joint room features hi-tech developers and staff to answer all admission-related inquiries. So far, we’ve received 30 thousand online applications for over 225 disciplines at the university’s headquarter in Makkah, as well as in its branches at Al Jumum, Al-Lith, Adham and Al Qunfudha. All applications will be electronically sorted according to allocated ratios.” Dr. Assas said. He also hailed the efforts of all committees involved in admission this year.

In turn, Dean of Admission and Registration Dr. Hashem Al-Samadani called on all students to consult the admission online portal and the university’s website for the admission plan, tests, and interviews stipulated by certain colleges for admission to their programs. He also noted that thanks to the technologies used this year upon direct instructions from Dr. Assas, applicants will not have to physically visit the deanship of admission and registration.

Dr. Al-Samadani then reviewed the admission mechanisms following the admission coordination results, which will involve tests and interviews for certain disciplines, as from 15/10/1438 A.H. to 19/10/1438 A.H. Results will be announced and nomination for a discipline will be confirmed from 1/11/1438 A.H. to 5/11/1438 A.H. As for English level test for candidates admitted to the preparatory year will start from 21/11/1438 A.H. to 23/11/1438 A.H.

Dr. Al-Samadani also noted students who have not been admitted to any attending programs will be able to apply for the preparatory year and diplomas of the community college as from 14/11/1438 A.H. to 20/11/1438 A.H. Results will be announced, nomination for disciplines will be confirmed, and fees for the preparatory and qualification year for evening program will be paid as from 28/11/1438 A.H. to 4/12/1438 A.H. He finally called on all students to comply with dates, to consult the admission manual, and to browse the programs and colleges on the university’s website as well as the admission and registration portal.