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The UQU Vice President for Educational Affairs Inaugurates Five National Exhibitions

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Added on - 2021/09/22  |  اخر تعديل - 2021/09/22

The UQU Vice President, Dr. Amer bin Awwad Al-Zaidi, inaugurated the national exhibitions that were prepared by the Museum Administration at the University Headquarters in Al-Aziziyyah in conjunction with the 91st Saudi National Day. Visitors will be received during the morning and evening period from Sunday, 19 Safar, to Thursday, 23 Safar 1442 A.H.

Dr. Amer Al-Zaidi stated that the educational development process that the country has witnessed over the past 91 years confirms the keenness of the wise leadership to build human thought and equip it with the necessary skills to enable it to reconstruct the country and make it prosper in various fields. He pointed out that these national exhibitions review the development and growth in various fields in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since its unification by King Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman Al Saud (may Allah have mercy on him).

Dr. Al-Zaidi undertook a tour of the national exhibitions in the company of the General Supervisor of the Museum Administration, Dr. Fahd Al-Malki.

The exhibitions included five halls:

The hall of the kings of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, hall of different Saudi coins, hall of university affiliates' works about the kingdom, optical arts hall about the kingdom, and the Hajj and Umrah hall.

Dr. Fahd Al-Malki pointed out that the Museum Administration contains more than three thousand different coins. This is in addition to more than one thousand heritage acquisitions that indicate the civilization of the Saudi community and the development that the kingdom has witnessed since its unification in our modern time.