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First stage- create profile (Unified Admission Portal)

The Graduate Studies Deanship at Umm Al-Qura University announces that admission to the graduate programs (PhD, Maste...

Schedule of final exams for the (regular) male students.

Schedule of final exams for the (regular) female students.

Admission to Postgraduate Studies Programs (Ph.D., Master, Higher Diploma) for the Academ...

Click here to view the academic calendar of the 1st semster 1438/1439H

Written Exam for the Academic Jobs at the College of Business Administration 

Written Tests for the Applicants to the Graduate Studies Progam for the Academic Year 1438-1439 H will start, Allah w...

Saudi Universities Teaching Assistants and Lecturers Interviews for Admission to Graduate Studies Program for the Aca...

 Admission is open to Postgraduate Studies. Applications can be received via 03/02/2017