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A Workshop Entitled: ‘Basics of Cybersecurity’

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A Workshop Entitled: ‘Basics of Cybersecurity’

Within the framework of the initiative of the Nation’s Digital Defenders launched by the College of Community Service and Continuing Education, the General Administration of Cybersecurity, in collaboration with the College of Computer and Information Systems, will hold a workshop entitled: ‘Basics of Cybersecurity’. The workshop will be held on Tuesday, 9 Rabi` Al-Thani, 1442 A.H., corresponding to 24 November, 2020 A.C., from 8:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., via WebEx.

Session Link:

Session Number: 1755126433

All are invited to attend the workshop, including students and those interested in this field.

Themes of the workshop:

- Concept and importance of cybersecurity.

- The difference between cybersecurity and information security.

- Dangers to cyberspace.

- Methods of preventing the dangers.

- Saudi Framework for Cybersecurity Cadres (SCyWF).

- Professional certificates granted in the field of cybersecurity.

Note: Attendance certificates will be given.

Period: 1 days
Starts At: 2020/11/24 - 08:00 - PM
Withdrawal: Not Permitted (The time permitted for withdrawal has ended.)
The event has expired.